A Pediatric practice is for children

A Pediatric practice is for children, and is best described by the slogan of this practice: “Making children better”. It was such a positive experience to work on this project with the young and friendly Dr GP De Bruin. The brief required an aesthetic pleasing decor together with furniture, fabrics and entertainment which are practical for ill children.  The entertainment made available for the children had certain challenges as it had to keep the children occupied, yet it should be easy to clean and easy to keep germ free. The fabric for the seats and inside of the chairs were chosen to be Vinyl as it would best accommodate fluids, yet are hard wearing and easy to keep clean. The designs on the fabrics had to accommodate all the different developmental stages from infant to teenager as these age groups are the main visitors to the practice. It needed to be gender neutral. Dr De Bruin values each photograph and drawing from his patients and thus we upholstered Bulletin Boards for him to display these treasures.  Instead of buying artwork, we decided to paint letters which forms positive “action” words. A bit of creative flair also touched the lifeless plain white lampshade and gave it the fun x-factor on the administrative desk. A contemporary, fun office chair rounded off the picture and the drum-shaped stools for the kids completed the look.